About Us

The love of wine, agriculture and the Golan brought Kobi and Vered Itzchaki to establish Kanatir Farm in 2012, a beautiful vineyard located near Moshav Natur in the southern Golan.

The Golan, known as an optimal area for growing vineyards, combined with the desire for perfection, knowledge and the farm staff’s unwavering professionalism, gives our wine its unique flavor and character.


Kobi Itzchaki, owner

Manager and owner of a leading diamond company in Asia, entrepreneur and owner of Kanatir Farm.

Kobi managed the Hong Kong office of the diamond company for 11 years and during those years developed several luxury brands in the market. Today, Kobi manages the company from Israel. Upon his return home he fulfilled a lifelong dream and planted a vineyard in the Golan Heights.


Itay Lahat, winemaker

Whit multiples degrees from the University of Adelaide in Southern Australia, Itay Lahat is an agriculturalist specializing in grapes and a long time winemaker.

Lahat practices winemaking and serves as an agricultural advisor for a number of leading boutique vineyards in Israel.

Additionally, Lahat is currently a lecturer of biotechnology and food science at the Tel Hai College, where he founded the laboratory for vineyard sciences.

He also lectures at Ben Gurion University of the Negev on the topics of tourism and hospitality.

According to Itay, the path for Israel to flourish and make its mark in the world of wine is through development of new, innovative type of wine that have not been seen before.

He says, ” Israeli wine has to focus on (wine) blends that feature grape varieties cultured in the Rhone Valley.

These blends at the same time must be balanced and pleasant to drink when hitting the market’ but also hold the  ability to age well with time.”


David Cohen Khallas

Resident of the nearby Moshav Natur, farmer, agronomist and entomologist. Has been living in the Golan Heights for the past 10 years and manages the vineyard since it was established.